I have hobbies. While I work hard and often, I unwind hard and less often. I like to make small films and photographs, mainly of nature and my nephews/nieces to post to my Instagram page. After a long day in court trying to make a judge acknowledge that a child is a human, or watching maps and clearance patterns so that I can get people home safely, I like to set up my tripod in my yard and spend three hours filming a slug only to lapse it into a 30-second video of a moving slug. It’s a nice calming reminder that no matter what I do and no matter how hard I work, biological life goes on however it must to survive.

And I’ll admit that the number of “likes” I get on a post does help me determine what to post more.

I also like different kinds of fitness. Lately I’ve been doing Muy Thai – a Thai kickboxing practice – which allows me to stay fit, meet people, and be active. Last week though, I caught a thumb in my left eye and have been sporting a pretty sexy (?) shiner since. Although, the girl I met a week before this accident seemed to find it kinda sexy. So maybe that’s working against my clean cut image? In a good way.

For a while I was even helping a local company provide pool service in Gulfport, MS. Not exactly what I would call a hobby, but something about using the net to pick up all the floating pine straw helps me relax.


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