National Travel

Now I’m much more responsible about my money, my time, my travel. I understand so much more now that I needn’t leave the country to find adventure. There are so many cool trips around Louisiana – even just the swamps of Louisiana, the gulf of Mississippi, the mountains and honky tonks of Tennessee, etc.  I spent about twenty-five years ignoring some very cool local attractions.

My favorite place to visit is Asheville, North Carolina. In the middle of conservative “southern” North Carolina, there exists this little New Age Mecca city for arts and women and inclusivity and microbreweries and art and happiness.  People just feel at ease there. There is always something to do, see or participate in. The Blue Ridge Parkway runs right through it, so it’s scenic and popular.

There’s so much live music whether in clubs, concert venues or beautiful summer festivals.  There’s always street performance and outdoor music to be found.  And it attracts most of the big name acts coming through the region.

Oh! And Nina Simone is from Asheville!

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