Local Travel

There’s not really much to do in Metairie. But once I moved to New Orleans, a whole world opened up! There are just always things to do in New Orleans.  I spent my first few years of age exploring and falling down in the French Quarter and Bourbon Street. I have since refined my tastes to be a little more targeted. Particularly, I love the Garden District. Small restaurants, cafes, boutiques, and endless walking around space.

Every so often, I’ll make my way over to Frenchman Street to check out local music and the art market. But when that happens, I usually end up imbibing too much and making questionable choices with the trajectory of my evening. To that effect, I try to reserve nights like this for when I have out-of-towners or dates.

I’m also quite fond of the Lafitte swamps and while I would love to go out there on my own and take my boat out, I don’t have a boat. I usually just watch the groupon deals for a swamp tour and do that when I have guests. People lose their shit over alligators. I’ll also do this with the kids we’re representing once in a while. They should know how big their world really is!

And finally, there are so very many celebrity-cheffed restaurants in New Orleans that I love to try. I won’t even wait for accompaniment for these. I like to go eat meals on my own. There’s something really calming about it.

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