Children are People

It is oft forgotten that children matter and deserve advocacy, that this blows my mind is understating my disgust with some sections of humanity.  Children need and deserve more than to simply survive, they need opportunities to thrive and love and learn and grow. They deserve dignity, respect, and opportunities. Regardless of the circumstances of their lifestyles, families and socio-economic advantage or disadvantage. The 100 children in the ‘system’ at any time in this county deserve advocacy.

To take children out of family situations denying these rights only to put them into a system that continues to deny them is nonsense, pointless and a misuse of governmental funds. But to do nothing at all contributes to abuse and neglect. My position is that regular citizens, volunteers, trained to assure the rights and needs of these children, can do so much to improve their quality of life and provide them with opportunities.

The political and socioeconomic climate of our country today did not happen suddenly, it happened because of so many years of hatred, neglect, and ignorance. Children all over our country deserved advocacy, got none, and in so many cases had no options in their lives. Not only does this mean many of these children miss out on basic privileges of growing up in America, but creates a culture of angry, neglected, adults.

Never forget: children that we ignore as children still, in most cases, become adults. Adults are a little harder to ignore.

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