While I practice primarily in Louisiana, I have found myself occasionally pulled into cases in Mississippi, Alabama, and Arkansas. I like exploring different state law and working to ensure that children are protected regardless of their address.  Many of these children have been floating through the Southeast region of the United States since their birth, staying with family members and neighbors for years long before the state stepped in. I don’t want these kids to be disadvantaged based solely on where they landed.

I have my licensure in Louisiana, so I don’t directly represent the kids in these other states (yet) but I work with legal practices in these states as a “child advocate” rather than attorney. Sometimes these kids just need a familiar face throughout the proceedings, so I try to provide that.

I also work with my organization to find adequate state-based legal representation for these children so that they’re not (always) appointed an unworthy state attorney to barely represent them to the best of their limited ability. No offense to these hard-working individuals, but children need extra care and attention that is no always allowable within their schedules.

My organization also works to ensure funding for these children.

I usually look for firms run by family members, first and foremost, simply because my belief is that if a law firm is marketing itself on being a family business, they may have more patience and attention to pay to children.  This is why I work very closely with who I believe are Mississippi’s best personal injury lawyers.

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